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Asian and a hearty Nintendo fan. I reblog a lot of game-related content, and I sometimes post my own things, such as drawings, pictures, or just thoughts on certain things. Live life. Be super.
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I like this poke-shaming business.

(via ssb4bingo)

(via ssb4bingo)


Spectrum of Luigi

Mini Luigi (Mini mushroom)
Baby Luigi
Small Luigi (touched a Goomba)
Super Luigi (Super Mushroom)
Fire Luigi (Fire Flower)
Metal Luigi (Metal Cap)
Mega Luigi (Mega Mushroom)

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'Hey. Welcome to Smash. No hard feelings for any future beatings I may deal out to you.'

'We'll see who beats who.' 

I’m so happy about the new Robin and Lucina reveal! So I wanted to do something to celebrate. Link and Toon Link are my main Smashers in Brawl(Link has been my main since SSB on N64)

So then this happened. My two male mains and Robin. I’m looking forward to this game so much.

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So Lucina was confirmed for ssb4 and well, let’s just say I can die happy now. It would be sooo cute when Kirby copies her abilities for him to get her mask~

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Oh man the comic is a thousand times better than the movie, I swear

both are so good omg



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Hey, all! It’s been a while, but there’s been a couple of issues that have come up with the latest character announcement that have been really bugging me so I wanted to get them off my chest. This is just opinion, so bear with me, but I wanted to just give my two-cents.

The first issue is that people seem to be hating on Lucina for being a Marth clone, and some people are STILL upset about Toon Link because he’s an apparent Link clone.

So first, let’s talk about clones.

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