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Asian and a hearty Nintendo fan. I reblog a lot of game-related content, and I sometimes post my own things, such as drawings, pictures, or just thoughts on certain things. Live life. Be super.
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Masahiro - meaning straightforward and wise

Sakurai - habitational name meaning ‘cherry blossom well’, 

Fact: Sakurai’s favourite flower is Cherry Blossoms ^^

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A quick Rosalina doodle! I recently got a Wii U as well as Mario Kart, and I was super excited to get to play as Rosalina. Naturally, she was the very last character I unlocked aha.

My Nintendo ID is Scarletify if anyone wants to be Wii U friends!

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Nintendo tweeted this. And its cool to see the system actually have a strong line-up for 2015. If they bring the new Fatal Frame game to the US, it’ll be even stronger!

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When a game has “And you.” in the special thanks section of the credits.


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My favorite cosplay i have ever done! i am a huge fan of Link/Zelda games.

These pictures were taken on a Canon 5D Mark III! 

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American education

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My friend asked me to walk down the stairs while he filmed me and it was the best decision I made all month.

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"The Struggle Every Noob Faces" [900x900] - more at

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